Tachibana RintarЕЌ is just a senior school pupil presently going to Nangokuren twelfth grade, and additionally functions as Ayane’s mentor when you look at the latter’s battle against her rival Dragons.

Tachibana RintarЕЌ is just a senior school pupil presently going to Nangokuren twelfth grade, and additionally functions as Ayane’s mentor when you look at the latter’s battle against her rival Dragons.

Tachibana RintarЕЌ is just a school that is high presently going to Nangokuren twelfth grade, and also functions as Ayane’s mentor when you look at the latter’s challenge against her rival Dragons. [1] Living with an ailment referred to as Hentai Syndrome, RintarЕЌ struggles for a day-to-day foundation to get a handle on their human anatomy’s impulses. He shall later on be called ItenryЕ«. [2]


Appearance [ edit | edit source ]

RintarЕЌ as a young child

RintarЕЌ is a slim teenager of normal height, but ten years of intense real training together with daddy has kept the child using the build of a specialist martial musician. [3] He has got brief hair that is black-spiked and bluish-grey eyes. As a result of mostly being seen in school RintarЕЌ is hardly ever seen away from uniform, using the look of a red layer with black colored linings which will be used more than a white long sleeved college uniform. Within the uniform he additionally wears a black colored throat tie with two yellowish lines, a yellowish gear, black colored jeans, and black colored footwear. [4]

Whenever RintarЕЌ ended up being young he has got that exact same hair cut and wore a dark colored t-shirt with darker color trims, and black colored shorts.

Personality [ edit | edit source ]

Because of his strange condition, RintarЕЌ has been confirmed to show a really highly self- disciplined, calm character to be able to control his very own feelings, particularly when into the existence of attractive or outright provocative ladies. [5] if RintarЕЌ is ever faced with an extreme situation where he feels he might lose control he will often focus his mind by repeating the mantra he learnt as a child, “Clear mind, silent and serene heart”, reflecting his years spent training both his body and mind while he can normally control himself. [6]

Outside of this, RintarЕЌ remains a normal teenage child and possesses the same passions as other males his age. As a result of their isolated training, RintarЕЌ seeks friendship in other people, and is left overjoyed whenever KЕЌsuke and Tamao commence to start thinking about him a friend [7] , despite their escort review Evansville perverted objectives RintarЕЌ that is often leaving exasperated. [8] He values their relationship adequate to walk out their method to confront Asuna if the previous Disciplinary Squad President utilized her attractiveness to control them, regardless of the risk she additionally posed to himself. [9]

Despite their skill and strength, RintarЕЌ is really humble in which he usually has a tendency to avoid fighting or conflict whenever possible. He’s got been shown to be quite observant, quickly observing ones own skills and weaknesses, such as for example realizing that Kyoka had been more powerful than Ayane in their fight that is brief and’s ambidexterity. Because of their condition, the Hentai Syndrome, RintarЕЌ additionally suffers Gynophobia (concern about ladies) to which any conflict to your feminine figure means the finish though he has no intention to leave his friends in trouble even if his friend is a female herself for him.

A gag that is running the show is RintarЕЌ’s greatly exaggerated facial expressions whenever astonished, nervous and panicked, specially into the existence of appealing or provocative ladies around him.

History [ edit | edit source ]

RintarЕЌ’s first event.

When RintarЕЌ had been a kid, a decade ahead of enrolling at Nangokuren senior school, he had been identified as having an uncommon, but condition that is severe Henisei Tashu IjЕЌ Syndrome. [10] The diagnosis came to exist he accidentally collided with a well-endowed woman and dropped his ice-cream into her cleavage, causing the boy to become aroused after he seemingly suffered a heart attack while at an amusement park with his father, where. [11] While during the medical workplace, RintarЕЌ nearly suffered a moment incident as a result of the physician’s attractiveness before their dad intervened, knocking the child unconscious. [12]

RintarЕЌ along with his daddy during the final end of their training.

After that, RintarЕЌ’s daddy took him away from main-stream culture and to the woodlands of Mount Fuji, into the location he taught as he himself ended up being young, calling it ‘The Quiet Shore no body Knows’. Describing they necessary to stop RintarЕЌ’s incidents, their daddy guarantees the child which he will train him into the college of RyЕ«ha Koei SЕЌgetsu to have an obvious and serene head. When it comes to following ten years RintarЕЌ trained intensively to get a strong head and human body before finally time for culture to enrol in senior high school. [13]

Plot [ edit | edit source ]

An urgent Beginning [ edit | edit source ]

RintarЕЌ coming across KЕЌsuke and Tamao.

Having enrolled at just exactly what he thought to be the greatest all-boys twelfth grade, Nangokuren Academy, RintarЕЌ renders their daddy’s care with all the promise never to touch or be moved by a lady until his death. [14] deciding to climb up up the cliff into the college as opposed to make the stairs, RintarЕЌ reflects right right back in the years prior to now and exactly how much changed since he had been identified as having Hentai Syndrome as a kid. Confident as KЕЌsuke and Tamao that he was safe inside Nangokuren High School’s walls, RintarЕЌ soon comes across two other male students who introduce themselves. Asking them whatever they had been hiding from, RintarЕЌ quickly becomes confused by their reaction about checking out student’s size and colors. [15]